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Producers Guild of India

Enhancing the value of cinematic arts

Established - 1954



Kulmeet Makkar
Chief Executive Officer

Kulmeet Makkar, in his current role as the Chief Executive officer of Producers Guild of India, is responsible for hosts of initiatives involving development of the film, television and new media production sector in India focusing on policy matters, copyright protection, government regulations, taxation, co-productions treaties, alliances and partnerships with other producers, industry associations and film commissions across the world, Film festivals, Filming including locations and production incentives amongst others.

An entertainment industry professional with over 30 years of work experience in the M&E sector handled varied responsibilities including his current role as the Chief Executive Officer of Producers Guild of India. Some of the previous roles include Film production and distribution, digital content as President & CEO at Shreya Entertainment – a company known for some exciting film and television productions. Previously joined Reliance Entertainment as the founder CEO of Big Music & Home Entertainment and Chief Executive at Saregama India Ltd [popularly still referred to as HMV]

A commerce student having exposure of various leadership and management programs, Kulmeet is a committed professional and is keen on developing the craft of content production by way of global affiliations, workshops, networking opportunities, panel discussions and participation in summits, festivals and events across the world.

Sr. No. Name Designation Office No. Email id
1 Girish Nadkarni Accounts & Secretarial Executive 26733065/68 Ext.103 girish@producersguildindia.com
2 Ramesh Badatiya Executive (Operations) 26733065/68 Ext.102 ramesh@producersguildindia.com
3 Disha Bajpai PS to Chief Executive Officer 26733065/68 disha@producersguildindia.com